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Filter Design software from Nuhertz Technologies® provides fast, easy to use, and high powered solutions to electrical engineering challenges in synthesizing filters and impedance matching networks, with a selection of Quick and Advanced user design panels for maximum design flexibility. Originally released in 1999, FilterSolutions® has continued to develop and introduce new features. Nuhertz filter design software interoperability with best-in-class industry applications has been enhanced. Included in the linked programs are artwork generation tools, circuit simulators, S-Parameter component models and electromagnetic analyses programs.

 Filter design software modules are used by design engineers in diverse disciplines such as communication systems, military electronics, medical, instrumentation, oil exploration and antenna design as well as for IC, MMIC and RFIC designs. Nuhertz is also the creator of Statmat™ and Spectra,™ programs for statistical analysis and digital data representation.

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Develop fast, accurate, optimized Hairpins (Miniature and Straight), Interdigital, Parallel Edge Coupled, and Low Pass Planar Filters with electromagnetic optimization using AWR's AXIEM®, Sonnet®em® or other extraction methods, and CST Studio Suite® for circuit optimization and planar extractions.

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