Nuhertz Technologies’ Worldwide University Software Program is designed to give qualified universities easily affordable access to exceptional software technology products.  Nuhertz invites you to join the existing university licensees, using our products for classroom education projects around the world.   (Up to 20 floating licenses may be used by qualified institutions).

Requirements for University Licensing

The Nuhertz University Program is available, for academic use only, to any degree-granting, accredited college or university.  If you are interested in becoming part of the Nuhertz University Software Program please contact your regional Nuhertz sales representative listed on our Contacts page.

Non-Profit Activity Licensing

The Nuhertz Non-Profit Licensing program allows a licensee the opportunity to acquire a reduced cost license.  The license program requires that the Licensee is enrolled in, and/or affiliated with, an educational institution.  The  licensee may be working on research at such educational institution, as part of research efforts, but that may not be for the profit of the Licensee nor the institution, nor funded by for-profit entities.  Interested parties should contact Nuhertz directly at: hq2[at]