Lexatys Logo


The Company:

Lexatys ( develops unique, compact designs that optimize performance while minimizing package size. Our capabilities include miniaturized lumped element filtering, laser-tunable surface mount filters, integrated assembly design up to 40 GHz, and high power, hermetic filter packages.  


The Challenge:

The challenge was to get a competitive upper hand by getting their designs out fast, accurately, and with minimum complexity, low design cost, and low manufacturing costs.  Furthermore, their products had to be designed with exceptional quality in order to bring good, value for their customers who use them.


The Nuhertz Solutions:

Lexatys found Nuhertz FilterSolutions to be the design tool of choice.  By taking advantage of the ability of Nuhertz to produce accurate and sophisticated finished designs with ease, and by taking advantage of Nuhertz fast professional technical support services, Lexatys was able to meet their challenge effectively and profitably.