“Nuhertz Connected”- CST STUDIO SUITE

Using and Optimizing Synthesized Filter Designs in Electromagnetic Analysis Software

Synthesized filter designs created in FilterSolutions® from Nuhertz Technologies can be exported directly into the user-friendly CST STUDIO SUITE® for both analytic and full-wave 3D simulation.

CST STUDIO SUITE provides fast and accurate insight into the electromagnetic behavior of high frequency filter designs.

FilterSolutions is an accurate and valuable tool for use by designers working with CST software.

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The complete design and analysis cycle of EM filters can be conducted within CST Studio Suite®. One particular solution is a special optimizer that is based on the extraction, by Filter Designer 3D (FD3D), of a so-called ‘coupling matrix’. This matrix serves as a surrogate for the 3D geometry which enables the efficient automated tuning of a filter response. This is very useful as the user does not need to be an expert in all the details of the synthesis and implementation of complex filters.

CST Filter Designer 3D

Learn more about Filter Designer 3D at https://www.3ds.com/products-services/simulia/products/cst-studio-suite/solvers/



CST Studio Suite® is an electromagnetic (EM) product of SIMULIA, a Dassault Systèmes brand. It is used by leading companies in industries including aerospace & defense, high-tech, transportation & mobility, marine & offshore, life sciences, industrial equipment and energy to improve the performance of their products and reduce development costs and time to market. The EM and multiphysics simulation tools in CST Studio Suite are used both to design components such as antennas, sensors, motors, circuit boards and cable harnesses and to analyze and optimize performance, power consumption and electromagnetic interference/compatibility (EMI/EMC) of entire systems. Further information is available at https://www.3ds.com/products-services/simulia/products/cst-studio-suite/.


See the MWRF article: https://www.mwrf.com/technologies/software/article/21849671/software-tools-bring-a-unique-approach-to-filter-design