“Nuhertz Connected” – EMPIRE XPU



EMPIRE XPU – developed by engineering excellence – is one of the leading 3D electromagnetic field simulators. It is based on the powerful Finite Difference Time Domain method (FDTD), which has become an industrial standard for RF and microwave component and antenna design. Due to EMPIRE XPU’s unique adaptive on-the-fly code generation it exhibits the fastest simulation engine known today. With this highly accelerated kernel full-wave EM-simulation problems can now be solved in minutes which used to take days some years ago.

For structure definition, a powerful Graphical User Interface is included in the EMPIRE XPU package and several structure import and export formats are supported. EMPIRE XPU’s applicability ranges from analyzing planar, multi-layered and conformal circuits, components and antennas to multi-pin packages, waveguides, and SI/EMC problems including the device’s operational environment. Time signals, scattering parameters, and field animations are generated accurately for a broad frequency range within only one simulation run. Monitoring and animation capabilities give physical insight into electromagnetic wave phenomena while accurate results are obtained with little effort.

 See the MWRF Article: https://www.mwrf.com/technologies/software/article/21849992/antenna-3d-simulator-and-optimizer-handles-planar-filter-designs-too