As a new feature in its flagship product, FilterSolutions®, Nuhertz Technologies  has introduced a solution for the synthesis of “Multiple- Band™” filter networks. The term describes the construction of a cascade of an arbitrary number of passbands and stop bands in a single lumped LC, active, or digital IIR filter. This robust feature adds to the power of the versatile and unique FilterSolutions. The “Multiple-Band” solution solves the design problem for “n-band” filters wherein “n” is an arbitrary integer.

In network designs wherein cascades of individual passive filters are needed, the individual filters will necessarily interact, thus altering the desired network response. Such design problems are common in multiple passband VDSL or other filters used in data communications over telephone lines. The design solution synthesizes the geometric asymmetries in the various required passbands and stopbands.

In the application of the “Multiple-Band” feature of FilterSolutions, the user will enter the corner frequencies for each desired pass band or stop band into a supplied spread sheet, thus creating the filter cascade definition.