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Spectra®, available FREE from Nuhertz, is a Windows® based program that allows the user to view the spectral content of any time-based data sequence.  There are no licensing requirements for the software: it may be downloaded from the Nuhertz download page: www.nuhertz.com/download.html

Spectra uses a Discrete Fourier Transform algorithm to convert time data into discrete frequency data.  The data is then scaled to generate the magnitude of the frequency spectrum. These spectral parameters are displayed as a function of frequency in both graphic and text formats. Spectra is easy to use, and provides useful information.

To use Spectra, time data is place, vertically, into an ASCII file.  Spectra will read the file and prompt for the sampling rate of the data. 

After entry of the sample rate, the frequency based spectrum will be displayed.

Download Spectra 1.13 (15.2 MBytes) Download Sample Time Data File (8 KBytes)
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Convert Time Data below: Into its Frequency Data equivalent:
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