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StatMat® is a mature PC based statistical analysis software package designed primarily  for engineering applications.  StatMat provides a General Distributions Calculator; Probability Plots with linear regression and standard error estimates; Histograms with "goodness of fit" , and Scatter Plots with correlation coefficients.

Additionally, StatMat enables linear and curvilinear Curve Fitting with standard error estimates and C-code generation, as well as linear and curvilinear Interpolation with C-code generation.

StatMat's significant features include:

  • Fast, Accurate, Easy-to-use Distribution Calculator for 12 distributions and their inverses.
  • Random number generators for each supported distribution.
  • Histograms with Chi Square "goodness of fit" test.
  • Probability Plots with probability regression and error estimates.
  • Scatter Plots for field engineering data with correlation coefficient.
  • Data Plotting with linear and polynomial Curve Fitting with standard Estimate of Error.
  • Data Plotting with linear, quadratic and cubic Interpolation.
  • Automatic C code generation of curve fits and Interpolation functions.
  • Data Altering function for easy data manipulation.
  • Easy-to-read Data Summary tables,  including mean, standard deviation, minimum value, maximum value, sum, and sum-of-squares.
  • Data file support for up 20 variables and 10,000 (Standard Version) or 100,000 (Heavy Duty Version) data points.
  • Extensive HELP section to support Statistical Analysis applications.

Gaussian, Student T, F, Chi Square, Gamma, Weibull, Log Normal, Exponential, Poisson, Binomial, Beta, and Uniform distributions are supported.

StatMat 3.1 is available from our Download site. Version 3.1 is fully functional and available at no cost for a 20 day evaluation. Permanent licenses may be purchased from Nuhertz (see order form). 

StatMat Calculator Accuracy:

  • The Statmat Distributions Calculator is accurate to six or more significant digits with 5 digits normally displayed.
  • For asymptotic tails, accuracy is maintained for tail areas down to 1e-100.
  • For finite tails, accuracy is maintained for tail areas down to 1e-10.
  • The StatMat calculator is designed to disable calculations and advise the user to use caution, in cases where the shape of the distribution is known to be outside the bounds of the program's ability to achieve the stated accuracy.

Some of StatMat's more common applications include:

  • Performance of general purpose Distribution Arithmetic in both forward and inverse direction using the Distribution Calculator.
  • Application of the Distribution Calculator to Hypothesis Tests and the creation of Confidence Intervals.
  • Prediction of probabilities of remote events based on a finite number of observations through the use of Histograms, Probability Plots, and Probability Regression.
  • Creation of models in C-code from regression or interpolation of measured points.
  • Determination of relationships between Data Variables through the analytical parameters of Correlation Coefficient and Standard Error.
  • Generation of C-code as an aid for engineering model creation, or for production software. Measured data points from any unknown may be instantly modeled in C-code, with high order regression of interpolation.
  • (StatMat uses an efficient C-code. Only one multiply-per-order of Regression or Interpolation is performed in the code).