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Zmatch Impedance Matching Synthesis Software

The Zmatch® software synthesizes the impedance matching circuits necessary to match complex loads to resistive or complex sources.

Zmatch is supplied, at no extra cost, with the purchase of any “PRO” version of FilterSolutions or the Lumped Element and Distributed Element “Modular” licenses for FilterSolutions. 

The Zmatch versions are useful as stand-alone tools for circuit impedance matching capabilities. Thus, the Zmatch versions are listed, on a stand-alone basis, on the Nuhertz Price List.

*Zmatch  supports parasitic analysis and matching, as well as suspended substrate media.   


Zmatch features:

•    Fast generation of passive LC networks to match complex loads to sources.
•    Fast generation of transmission line stubs to match complex loads to line impedances.
•    Finite Q and Tx line loss consideration in network synthesis. 
•    Microwave planar layout geometries. 
•    Easy to use spreadsheet tables for the entry of complex load and source impedances.
•    RMS reflection feedback for quick determination of network quality.
•    S-parameters and impedance analysis of synthesized networks.
•    Modified element analysis of synthesized networks.
•    Monte Carlo analysis of synthesized networks.